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On both an individual and a collective level, true Resilience is something that is cultivated over time rather than innate ability people and teams either have, or do not have.

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What other people are saying about our work

We've equipped people in 25+ countries and multiple languages!

Natalie Klak

Team Leader

It was helpful to be introduced to the theory, hear some examples, and then jump straight into the practical work! I'm very action-oriented so LOVED that I could apply these new skills right then and there! The facilitation and support delivered has been the best I have ever received in ANY course. In my mind the level of one-on-one attention, support and guidance far exceeded what I would have reasonably expected to receive in face-to-face group learning.

Kath Philp

Partnering & Innovation Manager

This has been the most practical, engaging, and inspirational course I have completed in many years. Learning these simple techniques that build on one another or can be used in isolation has the power to change how you interact with the world around you. I definitely feel like a much stronger and more resilient person for completing this course, and I know how to stay that way! Thank you.

Don Hudspeth

Acting Station & Field Operations Manager

I've been physically and emotionally challenged by work stress and exhaustion so simple immediate tools to reset have been a godsend. This course has been so powerful because it’s a blueprint for managing how we approach not just work, but life ! Thank you!

Kiran Hajos

HR Director ANZ

This has been an amazing program - one of those ones that will stay with me in the long term - the ease and simple tools are great and I know have strong psychology theory sitting behind them.

Jason Tong

Warehouse Manager

The thing that surprised me the most was the immediate results I could feel just from applying a few of the simple tools learnt. The course relates with your everyday struggles - mentally, physically and emotionally and how I can manage them more effectively.

Kathy Pendelton

Education Integration Manager

Taking this course has provided me with a new set of tools that will help me to better assess where my mindset is on a daily or situational basis. I can assess my emotions, my behaviours, and my actions. I have tools to analyze each and the tools to reset them.

Lynda Bain

Customer Service Consultant

I feel I can manage any situation with tools I have learnt. I would like to thank you guys for making me feel like me again :)

Russell Coughlan

State Sales Manager

I am about to start a new role and now I have a clear action plan that will help me approach it. Most importantly I have more self-belief, value and worth than I did a week ago.

Bobbi Pertini

Manager, People Culture & Safety

The content and benefit of the course was excellent and great value for money. Interactive and the discussion forums were excellent!

Neville Pye

Material and Warehouse Operations Support

I am delighted that this opportunity came up. The timing was really convenient for me, as I was looking at my mindset and ways to change it. Being more aware of how I can change my own mindset, coupled with the tools I have been shown how to use, I will not find myself struggling with situations so much and getting overburdened with my emotions and the pressure I was placing on myself.