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Resilience comes into play every day and at many levels, but few people have been trained to understand and monitor their Resilience.

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Resilience skills learned and practiced over a time and space suitable for you!

This on demand course is designed to build or refresh your knowledge of Resilience fundamentals, for you to monitor your Resilience for being at your best. The experience is 100% online and flexible, meaning it can be completed in your own time wherever you are in the world! Our short courses are ideally for people who are have completed our 7 Day Bootcamp and are looking to refresh their skills.

You should allow 75 minutes to complete it.
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The following outcomes are all included…

  • Increased understanding of 'Resilience'

    Know what 'Resilience' is, the benefits, and the situations you’ve been in (or are in) that are requiring you to be Resilient

  • Resilience abilities 'born' vs. learned

    Awareness of where Resilience comes from, and what is required for being more Resilient in your work, and life.

  • Measured current Resilience abilities

    Rating your current Resilience abilities for identifying ways for monitoring your Resilience moving forward.

What people are saying about this course

Werner Tholl

Managing Director

This course showed me my mindset and resilience. With practical examples, it ensured that I was not bored and that I could actively participate. Good videos, structure and great examples that were very easy to understand.

Brajesh Kaushal

Distribution Operator

The course videos were informative and a good way to get me into the headspace of thinking about resilience and my own habits. The activities were excellent as they asked for me to dive into my own experiences. Thank you to Matt and the team for bringing about such a helpful and amazing course.

Greg Findlay

Recruitment & STPP Manager

Some great tools to help self-awareness and understand Resilience fundamentals. Excellent course and would highly recommend.

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