Achieving great things takes great self-care!

Self-care refers to the daily activities and habits you engage in for regulating your wellbeing. Resilient people have learned what optimal self-care looks like and how to make their self-care a priority.

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Resilience skills learned and practiced over a time and space suitable for you!

This on demand course is designed to build or refresh your knowledge of optimal self-care habits and tools, for maintaining your physical, emotional and social wellbeing. The experience is 100% online and flexible, meaning it can be completed in your own time wherever you are in the world. Our short courses are ideally for people who are have completed our 7 Day Bootcamp and are looking to refresh their skills.

You should allow 90 minutes to complete it.
Image of laptop and ipad course mockup - Maintaining Optimal Self-care

The following outcomes are all included…

  • Understanding your current self-care

    Uncover your current habits for maintaining optimal physical, psychological, social and professional self-care.

  • Awareness of best practice self-care habits

    Learn habits used by highly Resilient people for maintaining optimal wellbeing, in any situation faced.

  • Technique for regulating your emotions

    Better able to identify and manage your emotions, such as between work and home life.

What people are saying about this course

Lynda Bain

Customer Service Consultant

I feel I can manage any situation with the tools I have learnt. I would like to thank you guys for making me feel like me again :)

Detlef Mueller

Managing Director

It was very helpful and good to see the combination of the different techniques and to use them to increase personal resilience. It's good to focus on yourself and your abilities to manage the daily challenges. Thanks to the team! I enjoyed this course and hope to see you again.

Cassius Almeida

Sales Manager

This course presented itself in a very critical moment of my professional career due to dramatic imposed changes currently affecting my daily routine. The techniques I was presented within this course will most certainly help me to navigate through these changes with more resilience.

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