Uncover the impact of Mindset!

Your Mindset is shaping your behaviours and outcomes. Uncover how this happens for you and what the impact is on your wellbeing.

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Resilience skills learned and practiced over a time and space suitable for you!

This on demand course is designed to build or refresh your knowledge of Mindset awareness, for quickly monitoring your behaviour and outcomes in any situation faced. The experience is 100% online and flexible, meaning it can be completed in your own time wherever you are in the world! Our short courses are ideally for people who have completed our 7 Day Bootcamp and are looking to refresh their skills.

You should allow 90 minutes to complete it.
Image of laptop and ipad course mockup - Practicing mindset awareness

The following outcomes are all included…

  • Understanding what 'Mindset' is

    Uncover what is shaping you and the psychological connection between your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours.

  • Tapping into your self-awareness

    Practice applying self-awareness to the Resilience situations you are currently facing.

  • Adopting a high-performance mindset

    Learn and apply a practical technique for Mindset awareness, used by elite performers.

What people are saying about this course

Kathy Pendelton

Education Integration Manager

Taking this course has provided me with a new set of tools that will help me to better assess where my mindset is on a daily or situational basis. I can assess my emotions, my behaviours, and my actions. I have tools to analyze each and the tools to reset them.

Michelle Fernandez

Ethical Sourcing Manager

I am now checking in with myself at least 3 times a day to learn to create awareness of how I am feeling, how I am coping and how my emotions may be affecting my reactions and others. The videos were really good - thanks for providing them as it was like I was in a classroom with you.

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